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...wellcome to my site! It's under construction but you can already visit these links ...



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I decided to design my own version of Gamemaker logo .. and perhaps win a free copy of it !!!


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My programmer friend for Crypt of Darkness prefer to stop adventure! ..

so I'm looking for a new one able to code on Gamemaker! French or not.. if you're intersted in that project send me a mail at:


..these are few new animated sprites for that great game!! :-)))





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My CPC tune player... clic there :  CPC Tune Player

Unfortunatly, it doesn't work properly because of ym plugins! :-(

If you know a way to correct it send me an email at o2n2e@hotmail.com ..thanks!


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News from CRYPT of DARKNESS project! Code is in progress and here come the logo and an animation test :





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My next game : CRYPT of DARKNESS ... news coming soon!


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My first game, called AVOIDOID ... 2 versions released, Full Version with musics and a Light version without musics..

Download FULL VERSION   /////  Download LIGHT VERSION  


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Another World - Interview Eric Chahi 1 in french !!!

The Heart Of Darkness